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We made this compression cheat sheet to teach you exactly how compression works, how you can use it in your mix, and how to use it to improve your mix this Sunday!

Want To Learn Compression?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Compression Cheat Sheet!

If you're a church sound tech who wants to expand their knowledge and understanding of compression, this is the guide for you! 

Here's a quick preview of what you'll learn:

Get Compression Starting Points

Inside the guide, you'll get starting point settings for each instrument in your mix!

We'll teach you these tried and true settings so that you can dial in compression quickly, easily, and with great results!

Learn How Compression Works

We're taking a deep dive with guide to teach you all about attack and release times, how to set your compression ratio, and how to struction makeup gain so that you can dial in more consistency and punch in your mix!

Learn How NOT To Ruin Your Mix 

Compression is a powerful tool... but it can also be dangerous if it's not used properly. 

In this cheat sheet we've got a special section where we'll teach you the most common pitfalls of compression in a church environment so you'll never have to worry about squashed vocals or lifeless sounding mixes.

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