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Worship Sound Guy Insiders 

Worship Sound Guy Insiders is a brand new collaborative community coaching experience for all church audio and production techs.

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For Church Audio Techs

We get it.

Working in church is HARD. That's why you need a tight knit community and strategic coaching to help you grow as a church AV tech.

That's why we created Worship Sound Guy Insiders

More than just teaching you skills, we'll partner with you to solve your specific challenges as you grow. 

We're building a community of church production techs and fueling your passion for creativity with coaching, exclusive content, a dedicated community platform, Q&A's with industry experts and more! 

Welcome to the team!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Become An Insider:

Private  Community Platform

You'll  get access to our private community site where you can network with other Insiders, ask us questions directly, make connections, and get coaching. It's the best online community for church audio techs!


Every month we're bringing in a new expert coach to teach our Insiders during the month. These are A-list, top tier mixers, engineers, and techs who will give you all the knowledge you need!

Expert Q&A's

You'll be able to take part in monthly Q&A sessions with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. 

Exclusive Content

We're creating exclusive training and content just for insiders! You'll also have a vote in what comes next as we create more exclusive content.

Monthly Mix Rescue

Every month we'll take a board mix/livestream mix from one of our Insiders and do a live critique and review. This is an amazing opportunity to have your work guided by experts

Insider Discounts

As an Insider, you'll have an exclusive 30% discount on any of our courses and products. Whether you want a new Masterclass or a new Worship Sound Guy hoodie, you'll never pay full price!

Meet This Month's Coach!

Every month, we're partnering with the best live sound engineers in the world to bring you exclusive interviews, webinars, and in-depth training.

It's mentorship from some of the most talented techs in the word!

Dustin Whitt

Dustin Whitt is our featured coach this month on Insiders. He's the tech director for 12 Stone church in Atlanta GA, and is one of the best system engineers in the industry!

On February 26th (replay available after the event), Dustin will be teaching you exactly how he approaches system tuning as well as answer questions about volunteer training as a tech director.

He'll also be doing a live Q&A so you can pick his brain about every aspect of his process.

Join Insiders today to get instant access to Dustin's masterclass and ALL our previous Insiders classes and Webinars!

Johnny & Matt

Let's get to know your coaches!

Matt and Johnny have been working professionally in the church world for over 30 years and have become some of the most in-demand front of house and monitor engineers in the Atlanta area. They've mixed for artists like Maverick City, David Crowder, Leeland, Aaron Keyes, & Rend Collective, and for churches including Free Chapel, Northpoint Community Church, Victory World Church, and BigStuf Camps.

Matt and Johnny started Worship Sound Guy with one simple belief: "every church deserves great sound" and over the past 5 years they've helped over 4,000 churches around the world experience the amazing transformation that happens when sound guys and gals are equipped with the right tools and training to help church AV techs feel empowered to lead well.

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Use Code "1Dollar" To Get Your First Month For $1


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  • Insiders Exclusive Resource Library
  • 30% Discount On All Courses/Products


What is this??

Insiders is the community that WE always wanted to be a part of. It didn't exist... so we made it! It's a platform for church audio guys and gals to get training, connect with each other, learn from the best experts in the world, and get all the resources for their best mix ever.

Why launch this now?

I ( Johnny) started Worship Sound Guy years ago as a way to connect with church audio techs. Back then, it was just a Twitter account, but now it's grown to a thriving network thousands of people. Creating this community felt like the best way to take that community and expand it for everyone.

Is this a membership?

Yes, we'll be providing new content every single month, along with new guests, features, and more so you'll always have a reason to be an Insider.

Can I cancel any time?

Of course, there's no obligation or commitment, if it's not for you, it's easy to end your membership.

Do I need to be a certain skill level?

Not at all! Beginners and experts will all find something in Insiders for them. If you new, it's the best way to grow quickly in your skills. If you're a seasoned veteran, it's the perfect way to make new connection, get new skills and connect with the next generations of church audio techs.

Is this different from your courses?

Yes, Insiders is not a new course (although it does have plenty of training content available). If you're already in our courses, Insiders is the perfect next step. If you haven't taken our courses yet, Insiders is the perfect way to start your live sound journey and connect with our community.

What if I have more questions?

We've got you! Just hit the chat button in the lower right hand corner and you can ask us directly. 

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