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Mix faster, easier, and better this Sunday!

Introducing the new X-32 Masterclass:

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    Over 5 HOURS of video lessons that teach you EVERYTHING about your X-32.
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    Plus exclusive bonuses like Presets, Show Profiles, Practice Multitracks, Ebook downloads and more!
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    Want your whole team to know the console? You can get 3 additional accounts so your team can access the course.

Learning Everything About Your X-32 Is Easier Than Ever

If you're a church sound guy, you ALREADY know that building a powerful and complete understanding of how to set up and operate your console is critical to the success of your mix, and the success of your church's services.

No need to remind you of that :)

But if you're using an X-32 or M-32, you might not know about the hundreds of features hiding beneath the surface of your console that hold the keys to take your mix from good to great.

We're breaking it all down in ways that are simple to understand and practical to implement.

When you take this course you have the knowledge to:

  • Have the solid foundation to start using your X-32 the way it was MEANT to be used (say goodbye to "just getting through" a service)

  • Quickly get your mix to the professional level you want to achieve by implementing the tools, techniques and special workflows you'll learn

  • Transition quickly from an analog console to your new X-32 and take advantage of all the new digital features without feeling like you're lost in a sea of menus and and software.

  • Possess a powerful and consistent mixing method designed from the ground up specifically for your X-32 that will deliver the best mixes your church as ever heard.

  • Use these methods to train your team and ensure consistency no matter who's running the console.

  • Answer "YES!" with complete confidence when someone ask you: "Do you really know what all those buttons do??" :-)

Having a great mix this Sunday is totally within reach for you and your entire tech team, whether you're starting from scratch with a brand new console, or hitting "reset" on your old, outdated workflow...

...but the DO depend on taking a straight line, step-by-step approach.

One that leverages on the most proven, effective, and up-to-date live sound techniques and workflows built specifically for your X-32 while stripping way all the complexities that frustrate and hold you back.

You'll even learn a technique that's been our secret weapon for incredible, full-sounding mixes when we've mixed for artists like Leeland, David Crowder, Micah Massey, Aaron Keyes, and Sam Hunt...and it doesn't require ANY super complicated ninja techniques that take a degree in audio engineering to pull off.


You'll learn one workflow  that you'll point back to a few weeks from now and think to yourself "I can't BELIEVE how much easier it is to mix now!".

So if you're still with me, then I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to our FIRST EVER signature X-32 Masterclass...

Introducing: Worship Sound Guy's

 X-32 Masterclass

​60+ Video Lessons

If it's on the X-32, you'll learn how it works. You'll learn everything from setting up the console and building a great mix, to a step by step breakdown of every effect, to super secret "hacks" that the manual doesn't teach you! 

Show Files & Presets

We'll show you how to build some incredible console setups and workflows that are specifically optimized for church sound. Then, we'll give you those exact show files and presets for you to load in to your console!

Let us do all the work for you! :-)

​Packed With Extras

We can't wait for you to check out the bonuses we're packing in this course. We're talking Ebook Downloads, Presets and Show Profiles to use with your console, multitrack recordings that you can use to practice mixing, and so much more! 

Here's how

It All Works For You

"The most complete guide to mastering your your X-32 that GUARANTEES your mixes will sound better than ever before"

We spent over a year digging in to every feature of the X-32, talking to sound guys like you to see what they wanted to learn and what they struggled with, and creating solutions that will work with ANY church sound setup.

The result?

An easy-to-follow, Step By Step Method that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for achieving incredible mixes on your Behringer X-32 and understanding the features of the console like never before.

What's Inside The X-32 Masterclass?


Discover Your X-32 With Over 60 Video Lessons

"No feature left out, but nothing too complicated to understand"

In our 60+ video lessons, we deep dive in to EVERY feature of the console: setup, input routing, equalization, compression, gates, effects, matrixes, output routing, and more.

It's all presented in a style that's fun, engaging, and most importantly EASY to follow. We made it our mission to take even the most complex features and break them down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand, super practical, and quick to use, even if you're new to the world of digital audio.

Fine tune your skills with  Multitrack Recordings

Did you know your X-32 can do a virtual sound check?

Well it can! And it's one of the best ways for you to practice mixing!

We've put together an ever-growing library of multi-channel recordings for you to practice mixing with. 

You'll learn how to load them on a computer and start practicing mixing in minutes.

  • Practice new EQ, compression, effects, and routing techniques; all without having to have a live band!
  • Includes the song that we demonstrate with in the course so you can practice with the EXACT same performance we use in the video lessons.
  • It's the perfect way to train new volunteers and try out all the new techniques you'll learn!

Show Profiles and Presets Are Included!

In the course we demonstrate how to set up a lot of special techniques and shortcuts and routing setups that you'll DEFINITELY want to use.

So we made it easy by creating templates and presets that use these secret techniques that you can import directly in to your console!

We've done all the work for you so can start having fantastic mixes right away. 

Access To Our Private Facebook Group

Wouldn't it be amazing to connect with a community of like-minded audio engineers in churches all around the world?

Your enrollment in X-32 Masterclass comes with access to our private Facebook group with over 2,000 other Worship Sound Guy Students. 

Ask questions, share stories and connect with church audio engineers from around the world and down the street.

Plus engage with us (Matt and Johnny) through Facebook Live Videos, live Q&A sessions, and more exclusively in the group! 

Ready To Take Your Mix To The Next Level?

The X-32 Masterclass is your ticket to complete confidence behind your mixing board. You'll learn how to master your X-32 in a way that's easy to understand, practical to use, and that has been built from the ground up for the needs of church sound guys like you!

X-32 Masterclass Screenshot 2

What You'll Get...

In a word? EVERYTHING.

"The most complete X-32 training course ever created"

At the core of the X-32 masterclass are over SIXTY professionally recorded training videos that cover every feature, function, and hidden shortcut on the X-32 console. From setup and routing, to EQ, Compression, and Effects, we spend time on each feature so you know how to get the most out of your console.


If you want to be able to understand and use your X-32 like never before, your time is now!


Join The X-32 Masterclass Today 
And Level Up Your Mixes
This Sunday!

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    60+ Training Videos
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    Access To Private Students Facebook Group
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    Practice Multitrack Audio Files From The Course
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    Show Profile Template From The Course
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    EQ, Compression & Effects Presets From The Course
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    PDF Ebook Downloads
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    4 BONUS Practice Multitrack Recordings
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    3 BONUS Show Profile Templates
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    300+ BONUS EQ, Compression & Effects Presets
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    Access For 3 Extra Team Members!



  • 60+ Training Videos
  • Access To Private Students Facebook Group
  • Practice Multitrack Audio Files From The Course
  • Show Profile Template From The Course
  • EQ, Compression & Effects Presets From The Course
  • PDF Ebook Downloads
  • Help Center
  • 4 BONUS Practice Multitrack Recordings
  • 3 BONUS Show Profile Templates
  • 300+ BONUS EQ, Compression & Effects Presets
  • Access For 3 Extra Team Members


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Plus, you'll be backed by...

A Ridiculous, 30 Day "Try It, Test It, Apply It" Money Back Guarantee

If you're on the fence...

Or maybe other training courses have left you skeptical...

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put our X-32 Masterclass in to action and experience how easy and exciting it can be to mix for your church when you fully understand your X-32 and can take advantage of every incredible feature your console has to offer.

That's why we're saying "no way!" to the 14-day "industry standard" refund policy and instead giving you a full MONTH to go through the course, check out all the modules, implement the systems, and experience everything this course has to offer.

"We can't wait for you to experience the growth that this course will bring you. We want this training to be unlike anything you've tried before!"


Get Instant Access to your X-32 Masterclass!

Access all 60+ videos, practice multitrack audio files, profiles & presets, Ebooks, and more today!

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How well do you know your X-32?

The average X-32 user understands about 30% of what the console can actually do.


I don't know about you, but where we come from, 30% is an "F". And that's not acceptable.

You need to learn the other 70% of what your X-32 can do!

We've got a saying: "Become the sound guy your church deserves."

It means your church deserves your best, and as a Sound Guy, that means becoming truly excellent in your knowledge and skill at running your mixing console.

Why suffer through another Sunday service fighting feedback, struggling to save a weak mix, and working with a console that you KNOW you're using to it's full potential.

If you're content with simply coasting along with sub-par mixes and an incomplete understanding of your console...

That's up to you..

It's your choice..

But for those of us that want to take charge of their X-32 and get the most from their console..

There's the X-32 Masterclass.


You've got the Q's? We've got the A's.

Why Are There 3 Different Packages?

​Why can't I just read the manual?

What are these practice multitracks?

​Will this work with my MIDAS M-32?

​What is this "Done For You" thing in the Rocket package?

​More questions?


Get Instant Access to your X-32 Masterclass!

Access all 60+ videos, practice multitrack audio files, profiles & presets, Ebooks, and more today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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