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We’re on a mission to bring great sound to every church! 

No matter how big or how small, what kind of gear you have, or what your experience level is, you’re about to seriously level up your live sound skills!

Courses for every church sound tech.

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All of our courses are focused on practical, easy to implement techniques that will improve your mix THIS Sunday! No fluff, no filler ;)

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With team access you can train your entire team and ensure that every service sounds amazing no matter who's behind the mixer.

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Learn at your own pace with  our step-by-step guided courses. You can go through courses as many times as you'd like with no restrictions!

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Each week on the Ask Worship Sound Guy podcast we're answering YOUR questions about church production!

No question is off limits: from beginner to expert, we're covering it all!

The best articles and guides

for church sound engineers.

The best articles and guides for church sound engineers.

How To Get A Loud Livestream Mix
Get Your Sheet Together!
Electric Guitars: Amps vs. DI
Mixing In-Ears 101
How To Make Your Pastor’s Headset Sound Great!
Is Your Low End Killing Your Mix?

What our students are saying...

Robert P.

Overcome Church

These courses makes it all SO simple. Johnny and Matt teach in a style that's easy to understand and fun to engage with. It's awesome how easy it makes it to train new team members.

Jesse H.

Greensville Church Of God

You guys bring a ton of clarity to things that are easily misunderstood. I highly recommend this program to anyone, from the newbie all the way to the sound guy or gal who's been at if for years!

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