Courses For Church Sound Techs

Unlock The Secrets Of EQ

EQ Secrets Masterclass

This is your step-by-step guide to learning everything about EQ. We're talking how EQ works, finding problem frequency ranges, tricks to add clarity and depth, ways to make your livestream sound amazing, and so much more!

What if you could get a mix dialed in and sounding amazing in half the time it usually takes? Whether it's dialing in EQ for a new vocalist or musician, or fixing a problem in your mix, speed is your best friend when it comes to dialing in EQ. That's why we've developed a simple, repeatable process that will help you get the sounds you want in less time that you ever thought possible!

Church Sound Foundations

Sound Guy Essentials

This course will provide the foundational building blocks that allow you to make an amazing sounding mix for your church no matter what your current experience level is or what kind of equipment you're working with. Whether you're band new to running sound or have been behind the mixer for years, this course will give you the step-by-step formulas for EQ, compression, effects, and more to make sure your mix sounds amazing this Sunday!

Master Your Behringer X-32

X-32 Masterclass

The X-32 Masterclass is your ultimate resource to unlock the full power and potential of your Behringer X-32 or Midas M-32. Packed with over 6 hours of video training, hundreds of presets and templates that you can load on to your console, and downloadable guides to train your team, this is the key to getting the most out of your console. We've packed the best workflows, shortcuts, and church-specific techniques all in one easy to understand course.

Dominate Your Drum Mix

Drums Masterclass

We recently polled our students to ask what the most difficult instrument was to mix... and 80% said drums! 

We wanted to fix that problem forever, so we partnered with legendary drummer Brandon Coker (Lauren Daigle, David Crowder, Matt Redman, Passion, & more) to teach every secret of getting great drum tone. Brandon teaches how to set up and tune your drums, and then Matt and Johnny take over to teach in-depth mixing strategies to make your drums sound better than ever before!

Level Up Your Livestream!

Livestream & Broadcast Mixing Masterclass


This new course will teach you how to make your church's livestream sound amazing. Whether your mixing from a DAW, a broadcast console, or from front-of-house, you'll learn every secret and strategy to build a mix that sounds perfect for every livestream listener.

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