Make Your Church's Mix Sound Awesome,
Using The Gear You Already Have!

Learn how to create exciting, engaging, great sounding mixes… even if you're brand new to running sound!

"I know my mix sounds terrible... but I just can't figure out why."

It all started when I was 17. I was playing guitar at a local youth group when the pastor looked over at me and said these fateful four words: "Can you run sound?"

My response? "Of course I can!"

The truth? I didn't know the first thing about running sound. But I wasn't about to let that stop me, and over the next few years I spent every spare moment learning everything I could about what makes a great live mix in a church environment, and through the process I landed positions at some of the largest churches in the country and started working with major touring artists.

Have you ever heard a mix that truly moved your soul and spoke to you on a deep emotional level? Maybe it was at a concert, or a conference, or at a large church you were attending. 

We all want our mixes to have that kind of sound, don't we? We want to help lead our congregations in meaningful and engaging worship... but all too often, the reality is that our Sunday morning mix is harshabrasiveunclear, and frankly, difficult to listen to

I still remember one time a lady came up to the sound booth and told me that worship sounded so loud and harsh that she'd be leaving the church if it didn't get better

I had been running sound as a volunteer for a couple years and I was absolutely crushed. Just a moment before she came up to me I was thinking that my mix was sounding pretty good... but after hearing what she said... I thought about quitting right there on the spot. 

I bet you've gotten a complaint or two like that too, right? 

I remember thinking "Maybe those amazing, beautiful mixes I want to create are reserved for the true "professionals", or for churches with seemingly unlimited gear budgets..."

A few months later, I got a part time job as a tech assistant at one of those big churches with a huge budget for all the latest greatest gear. But when I was finally allowed to step behind the console and have a shot mixing during a rehearsal... things didn't go as expected. Not... even... close.

After the band rehearsed the first two songs the senior tech director walked up and pulled me aside. He looked at me skeptically and said "Sorry man... I'm going to take over from here... you've still got a lot to learn."

In that moment...I realized the problem. It wasn't that I needed better gear, a better sounding room, or better musicians... the problem... was ME.

I knew I had to totally change the way I approached mixing. To change the way I thought about EQcompressioneffects, and balancing a mix. I knew it would be drastic... unexpected... maybe a little unorthodox. 

It took me over a year to put it all together. But when I did... it all clicked. No feedback, no muddy or unclear mixes, no more complaints from the congregation. And it was all thanks to the little things I did each time I stepped behind the mixer.

Take a look at this email I got back in 2010 from the lead pastor at that church.

Here's How This Approach Completely

Changed The Way I Mix...

It was that experience made me realize something...

Not all church audio engineers get the opportunity to become the amazing sound guys/gals that they really can be. And that breaks my heart.

They deserve better, and the church deserves better.

So years later, after starting the Worship Sound Guy community with tens of thousands of followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, made a promise to myself: that I would do whatever I could to help other church sound guys/gals become the best church audio engineers they can be.

So I started breaking down the "system" I used  to become an in-demand audio techs for churches of all sizes, major touring artists and festivals. 

And today, I'm excited to announce the system is ready for release.

Introducing: Sound Guy Essentials

Finally, I've put together a step-by-step method to help church audio engineers benefit from all the research I've done over the past 10 years.

I know that without the incredible leaders and mentors that I had by my side, I would never have made it to where I am now, so one of my goals since starting the Worship Sound Guy community was to find a way to give back to church audio techs around the world who are looking for that one thing that can take their mix from good to great, the one thing that can help them feel more confident and have more fun every time they step behind the sound board.

Mix Better This Sunday!

Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Sign Up

You're about to get 6+ hours of Video, PDF's, eBooks, Quizzes, Practice Tracks and more!

Here's a quick look inside the course!

Step-By-Step Training

This isn't just a random collection of videos about live sound. This is a step-by-step method to mixing that we've developed over 30 years of combined live sound experience working with major touring artists and small churches alike. It's our mission to help every church have great sound and you're about to learn the key techniques we use every week to make it happen. 

Analog? Digital? How about BOTH.

Unlike other courses, we don't focus on a particular brand or kind of mixer. We're here to show you the techniques that work in any mixing situation, regardless of what console you're using. During the course we actually demonstrate a lot of the techniques on an analog mixing console, just to prove that these techniques will work on any mixing board you've got!

Hours of Content

When we started building this course, it was our mission to cover everything you'd need to get ahead in the world of church audio and to make your mix sound absolutely incredible. And that means... a ton of content. Our goal is for this course to prepare you for every church mixing situation you might run into, so that means we're not stopping until we teach you everything. We're showing you all the secrets we use when we mix every week. These are the techniques we've used mixing for all kinds of events, from huge festivals, major touring artists, and even the smallest backroad Baptist churches you can imagine. It'll all work in any and every situation, and we're showing it all to you!

Team Training

Got a team of sound engineers at your church? We've got you covered! Our Team Course Package includes logins for 3 additional users so you can get your entire team in the course.

We've seen such amazing results from churches who go through the course as a team. Imagine the difference for your church when every service sounds great regardless of who's mixing and frustration between sound techs are completely eliminated when everyone on the team understands and follows a common goal and vision for your church's audio production. 

Plus, you'll even learn...

  • The 4 Most Important things to listen for when you EQ so that you never have a muddy mix again...
  • The  #1 reason your mixes are harsh and how to fix it once and for all...
  • The secret to using compression so you can unlock depth, power, and impact in your mix...
  • Which common effect robs your mix of clarity...and what to use instead so you can have a wide and spacious sounding mix...
  • How to banish feedback forever so you can get the volume you need from every instrument without ever worrying about feedback again...
  • Our step-by-step method to find problem frequencies in your mix so you can finally stop guessing as you EQ instruments and vocals...
  • And tons more!

Perfect! Let's start the course!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Check out these testimonials from sound guys & gals like you who have gone through Sound Guy Essentials and had their mixes transformed! These are just a few of the amazing stories we've heard from over 2,000 students enrolled in the course!

Robert P.

Overcome Church

SO simple!

This course makes it all SO simple. Johnny and Matt teach in a style that's easy to understand and fun to engage with. It's awesome how easy it makes it to train young team members. The course has also given me a back to basics ground roots experience even after 20 yrs in sound production in a worship environment. Have been able to take principles learnt in sessions and apply the straight away into the next weeks worship experience mix.

Jesse H.

Greensville Church of God

Just get it!

This course is 1000% worth the money. Just get it! The content is on point and is great for new sound techs starting out or even more experienced sound techs too. I used this with some of my new sound techs on the team and it really helped bring them up to speed to start mixing at our church must faster than they ever could have without this course!

Gene S.

Freelance FoH Engineer

A huge difference in my skill!

After about 15 years of running sound, I ran across this course and was very intrigued. I have to admit that after going through all of the course material, it really has made a huge difference in not only my skill level but also in my basic understanding of mixing sound. It's amazing after years of sound experience, that simply reviewing and reapplying the basic principles can make such a difference. You guys bring a lot of clarity to things that are easily misunderstood. I highly recommend this program to anyone, from the newbie to the guy or gal who's been at if for years.

Yes! I wanna mix better this Sunday!

Here's Your Lesson Plan!

This course is a step-by-step journey from zero to hero behind the sound board! 

The course is broken down into four sections, each containing a ton of videos and other content!


Section 1: The Stage, Console, and Connections

9 Videos, 4 PDF guides, 4 Interactive Quizzes

This sections covers microphones, cables, direct connections, system components, signal flow, and more! The videos in this section will help you understand the entire scope of your sound system, from stage inputs to the final acoustics of your auditorium. This is all the foundational knowledge you need to run your entire system efficiently and to its maximum potential!


Section 2: Mixing Foundations

4 Videos, 5 PDF Guides, 4 Interactive Quizzes

The four modules in this section cover Gain Structure, Equalization, Compression, and Using Effects. This section takes a deep dive into the the techniques and strategies you'll be using to make your mixes sound polished, clear, and professional.

We guarantee you'll come out of this section with a master level understanding of EQ, Compression, Effects, and how to dial in the exact tones you want in your mix!


Section 3: Mixing Your Band

18 Videos, 1 PDF Guide

In this massive section with 18 videos, we're walking through every single instrument in your mix step by step and showing you how we EQ, Compress, and utilize effects on each instrument in the mix. As we go through every instrument we take the time to listen to problematic frequency ranges, experiment with different mixing approaches, and solve common issues that will make your next mix easier than ever before!


Section 4: Systems and Processing

5 Videos, 1 Interactive Quiz

In the final section of the course, we tackle all the components that come after the mixing console. We're talking system tuning and processing, speaker placement, speaker characteristics, line arrays, point source systems, how to run effective sound checks, and how you as an audio engineer serve as a leader to the band and how to use that role effectively for your church. This section is truly what will take you from good to great as an audio engineer!


Ready for your bonuses?

There's even MORE content waiting for you in the member's area! When you enroll you'll get instant access to over $300 worth of bonuses! 

Bonus 1
Practice Multitracks - $200 Value

We know that one of the MOST difficult aspects of learning to mix is simply finding a way to practice. Let’s face it…during service is NOT the best time to start experimenting with the EQ on your worship leader’s vocal. That’s why we’ve created a growing library of Practice Multitracks for you to download, experiment on, and practice with. 

You get individual audio files for each microphone/input from your virtual band. From there, it’s as simple as plugging in a USB cord from your computer to your mixing board to play back the tracks on your board, through your PA system, in your room. It’s like having a live band to practice mixing with!

Bonus 2
Bonus Video Lessons - $100 Value

We're so passionate about equipping you with every tool you could possibly need, we even made bonus video modules for you including a module that shows you the secrets of creating a great in-ear mix on personal monitoring systems like the Behringer P16 system, Avioms, Presonus EarMix, and other similar systems.   

Next, we made a special bonus video called "Building A Modern Worship Mix" that's a 26 minute fast track to highlight the most important aspects and techniques when it comes to mixing on a Sunday morning. It's fast, impactful, and absolutely filled with techniques you can implement in your very next mix!

Bonus 3
PDF Library - $80 Value

With this course, you're getting access to our growing library of PDF and eBook downloads! We're always expanding our library, and you have access to amazing content right away including:

  • The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet
  • The Pro Compression Cheat Sheet
  • Live Vocal Microphone Guide
  • 70 Top EQ Tips eBook
  • Mastering Reverb Cheat Sheet
  • Top 5 Guitar Mics Guide
  • The Complete "EQ & Compression Formula" eBook
  • And more!

Let's do this! I want the course!

Who is Worship Sound Guy?

Let's get to know your teachers! Matt and Johnny have been mixing professionally in the church world for over 30 years and have become some of the most in-demand front of house and monitor engineers in the Atlanta area. They've mixed for artists like David Crowder, Leeland, Aaron Keyes, & Rend Collective, and for churches including Free Chapel, Northpoint Community Church, Victory World Church, and BigStuf Camps

Matt and Johnny started Worship Sound Guy with one simple belief: "every church deserves great sound" and over the past 5 years they've helped over 2,000 churches around the world experience the amazing transformation that happens when sound guys and gals are equipped with the right tools and training to make great mixes.

Now it's your turn to experience that same transformation! 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Here are just a few of the emails we've received about our student's experiences...

"I've got a degree in audio production but I feel like I've learned so much from the information you're putting out!"

"Get this course! Just do it. There's nothing else out there like it, and it's been the single best investment I've made as a sound guy."

"Everyone on the team went through the course and not only do our mixes sound 10000% better, they sound consistent!"

"...I've always thought our mixes were pretty good...but I feel like I finally understand how much more I can learn and how much better my mixes can get"

That sounds perfect!

I want better mixes!!

How Do You Learn Live Sound?

Before we created this course, I spent a lot of time looking for ways to get training in audio production for myself and for my team. I read through endless forums and Facebook Groups (they were mostly packed with bad information and pointless arguing), I watched hours of videos on YouTube (which were sometimes ok, but not nearly in-depth enough) and finally, after a lot of searching, I actually ended up spending 4 years and over $50,000 in Audio Engineering School because there just weren't any other options at the time. I learned a ton in college and I'm thankful for my time there, but let's face it... there has to be a better way than spending all that money for a bachelor's degree, right?

When I was first on staff as the tech director of a local church, I knew I needed to train my team and give them perspectives beyond just my own, so I contacted several experienced audio techs from churches around the area to see if they'd be willing to come in and do some training with my team. The cost? Between $500 and $2,000 for a single training session! Let's face it... that's just not in the budget for most churches. 

Those experiences are what lead us to create this course.

You're getting hours and hours of pro level training...

and it's not $50,000... not $2,000... in fact, it's not even $500... 


One account with access to all content!




  • One Time Payment
  • Lifetime Acess
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Team Access

FIVE accounts for your whole team!




  • Lifetime Access for you plus FOUR Team Members
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you're not happy, we're not happy! That's why we're backing this course with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not seeing dramatic improvements in your mixes within 30 days, just let us know and we'll refund every penny of your purchase!

We want to give you every opportunity to try out this course, implement all the techniques, and experience the complete transformation of this mixing system completely risk free! This is your opportunity to take the next big step in your mixing journey, and now, there's absolutely nothing to hold you back!

We've helped train over 1,100 church audio engineers in the past year and we're so excited for you to become a part of the Worship Sound Guy Family!

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One account with access to all content!




  • One Time Payment
  • Lifetime Acess
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
Team Access

FIVE accounts for your whole team!




  • Lifetime Access for you plus FOUR Team Members
  • One Time Payment
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

From Us To You

We're incredibly excited about what we've created in this course, and we're SO excited that you're considering being a part of it! With this course, we wanted to create something that would change the lives of sound guys and gals all around the world. We want to give back to a community that's done so much for us over the years. Without the help of amazing mentors and teachers, we would never have been able to create a course like this, and now we want to pass along that same knowledge and experience to you! We're excited to join you in the journey!

I'm ready! Let's start learning!

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